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I loved my pineapple phone case but after a few months it all started to rub off and I was so gutted - but then the lovely people at GoCustomized offered me the chance to try out one of their personalized phone cases* and I was super happy because you know what I love even more than pineapples? 

You guessed it, Freddydog! I missed my Freddy case when I changed phones and now I don't have to feel guilty about choosing between him and baby Florrie for my screensaver, they are both equal in the eyes of my phone haha! (Should I be admitting I love my dog equally to my one and only niece?)

It arrived so quickly and the quality is great - I went for a matte finish because I thought it'd be something a bit different and chose my all time favourite photo of Freddydog - do you know how much bribery it took to get this pic? I understand him not, why will he happily wear a collar but not a big, gold and glittery bow tie? No Christmas spirit that dog.

Aaaaanyway, you can design your own iPhone 5 case on the site (or whatever phone case type you may require!) and hollaaaa at free shipping! I love how personal my phone is now, it always makes me feel so happy when I see it - yep, even when I get the dreaded 'You have been tagged in a photo' notification on Facebook...I reckon these would make a lovely gift for Christmas, I love giving personalized presents where I can.

What do you think? What pic would you put on your phone case?


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  1. Great idea! It'd be a great gift for the holidays.
    Diana | http://www.dianavilic.com


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