The Ice Twins

So I finally completed all of the current books in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series - only took me all year which is why it's been ages since my last book post! I absolutely loved them, I won't review them all individually (although you can read my review of the first book here) but I'll say if you if you're not a fan of the fantasy genre don't dismiss them completely because there's so much more to them than dragons!

Anyway before I finished the last book I read The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne because I didn't want ASOIAF to be over too quickly haha. My mum gave it to me when I was in hospital, it's definitely not something I would've picked up myself because the cover looks kind of cliché to me -  identical twin girls holding hands, mysterious and creepy light house, *yawnyawn*. But I'm so glad I did give it a go because I actually really enjoyed it!

The Ice Twins review

Angus and Sarah move to a remote Scottish island with their daughter Kirstie in a bid to rebuild their lives after the death of Kirstie's twin sister Lydia. This in itself is sad and upsetting but it's when Kirstie asks her mum 'Why do you keep calling me Kirstie, I'm Lydia' that the creepiness starts! With no way to tell by DNA exactly who their remaining daughter is you end up just as confused as Sarah and Angus so you wind up going through the twists and turns with them. All through I was guessing whether this was a supernatural or psychological thriller which I found really interesting - love a book that keeps you guessing!

The narrative switches from first person Sarah to third person Angus, which at first I didn't get but then it all made sense towards the end. Each character reveals each others flaws which made it feel very real to me, neither of them are perfect and the way the chapters were done played out their crumbling marriage so well I think. I don't think either of them are particularly likeable but they just seem very human.

I don't want to reveal too much because there's no point reading a thriller if you know what's gonna happen but what I will say is this was far creepier than I expected. I tend to avoid scary books because I find them a bit cheesy but I found this to be quite realistic which just made it all the more unnerving! It's also a good one to read this time of year as it's a cold and gloomy setting - I don't know about you but I struggle to read books like that in the warmer months.

Have you read The Ice Twins? Have you got any creepy thriller recommendations? 

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