The Winter Shoe Wishlist

Well, they're not all 'winter' shoes in particular but just shoes I want - they'd definitely cheer me up in this dreary, wintery weather anyway! I've gone for a mix of cheaper, mid range and more pricey picks, obviously I should only bother looking at the cheapie ones but one can dream right?
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I love ankle boots and I've just got myself an over the knee pair but before I'd kind of considered anything in between a bit frumpy. But lately I've been liking the idea of a knee high boot, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older or the weather is getting colder but I reckon they'd look nice with skinnies and a big knit - very cosy indeed!

I live in my leather chelsea boots but I'd love a suede pair - I'm so in love with the star boots and their quite frankly shockingly low price! They'd jazz up a boring outfit (aka my usual daily looks) and the heel is so wearable for a clumsy oaf like me, I'm am sooo very tempted.

Finally, a shoe wishlist of mine wouldn't be complete without trainers because they're my addiction! I know the wedge sneaker thing is a bit dead now but personally I'm still so in love with the Bobby sneakers, to me they're not gimmicky at all but a true classic. Like Stan Smiths, which have been done to death but although they're super popular right now I think they'll always be quite cool. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum we have shoes that will only last about 5 minutes but they're super fun for the festive season and a great way to do glitter if, like me, you're not a girly girl but don't want to miss out on all the sparkly goodness.

So there's my wishlist, I think if I were to buy anything it'd be the star boots - what's your fave pair here? 

*Ad collab but shoe addiction is all mine!

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