Week #29

Hey! How are you? I feel like this week  has been kind of busy, although when I say that I just mean busy for me haha. I've been busy sorting stuff out for Christmas because finally I've started feeling festive - usually I'm that annoying person playing Chrimbo songs in October (A Very She & Him Christmas is this year's fave!)

So I've done loads of shopping and I'm actually almost done, I'm feeling super proud of myself because usually I'm that person running around Christmas Eve in a panic - just a few more to do then I am done and can go back to looking at shoes for me haha. I'm loving the look of these, I like how they're a little festive but not OTT.  Alas they're out of my size :'-(

I haven't got that much to say, I'm in a funny mood! I think I may have overdone it a little this week, yesterday and Friday I was completely knackered so just slept all day and I just feel a bit out of it to be honest! But the one thing I've felt like doing is watching some Vlogmas videos, here's a few of my faves:

- At Home With Abby | Abby just seems so lovely and chatty, I love the glimpses into her beautiful home (check out her blog for the best interiors inspiration!) and of course a vlog with dogs is always gonna be a winner with me. She has four and I'm well jel!

- The Michalaks | A Sunday is not complete without a vlog from this lovely family (don't that make me sound like a Number 1 stalker?) so I'm super happy they're daily vlogging this December! I love how profesh their videos are but they still seem so 'real' and relatable.

Kate La Vie | I'm a huge fan of Kate's pretty blog so I'm pleased she's doing Vlogmas - I just think she's so funny and I love getting glimpses of her amazing home. 

Meg Says | Ah, lovely Meg! If you haven't checked out her channel yet definitely do, she's just so smiley and bubbly - I guarantee she'll cheer up you if you're feeling rubbish!

Have you been watching any Vlogmas videos? Who are your faves?


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