Week #31

Hey! How are you? I hope you all had a merry Christmas or just a happy day anyway if you don't celebrate it.

asda christmas bedding
Super cute bargain ASDA bedding!

I don't want to look insensitive or something because I know it can be a difficult time for a lot of people but I have to say I had an absolutely brilliant day! Baby Florrie came in the morning, it was her first Christmas so it was extra special and then in the afternoon we went to my aunt's house for dinner which was a little different as we usually have it at ours. It was really lovely, lots of laughter, food and pressies and a little weirdness too...for some reason someone put happy and you know it on Spotify so we were singing along to that at one point. I'm very, very lucky to have such a big and wonderful family, I'll never take them for granted! They were very kind and spoilt me too much, I won't do a 'What I got for Christmas' thing but I'm sure some gifts will be popping up in posts soon. Then on Boxing Day I just stayed indoors with Freddydog while everyone went back to my aunt's for leftovers because I felt absolutely knackered - don't worry though, they brought me some food back! Was nice to spend the day with Fredster though, he couldn't come with us on Christmas Day because my aunt has a cat and although they've never met I don't think they'd get along too well and we are not Eastenders - no fights for us on the big day!

A happy day couldn't have come any sooner to be honest, while I was on IVs I was feeling so down - absolutely nothing was making me happy, I couldn't eat, didn't want to get dressed etc. I had all these scary thoughts about the way my health is going, I'd be so frightened I'd feel physically sick and it was so not like me! Obviously I do have all of these worries which is only natural being in my current situation but I never get worked up like that! I can only put it down to the IVs making me insane in the membrane because they seem to do that sometimes. Plus after the last dose wore off Christmas Eve I was feeling super happy and normal again! But all of that is the main reason I didn't blog for a bit, I would've explained this in my last post but didn't wanna put a downer on Christmas haha. Just thought I'd mention it though because I don't think things like that are really spoken about that often by people with CF/chronic illness because it can be a hard thing to admit to so sometimes when you feel scared you feel like an idiot because everyone else seems to be coping so well. So in case you're in a similar sitch you're not an idiot, you are NORMAL. Everyone gets scared and down sometimes, we're only human after all!

Anyway I hope you're good and have been stuffing yourselves silly! What did you get up to the last few days? 

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