The Over The Knee Boots

Hallo! So these boots were my 7 week hospital stay/first time going out in a wheelchair treat. Getting these on and off whilst sitting in my chair caused quite the commotion, had my mum trying to pull them off who ended up dragging me round the shop because we forgot to put the brakes on the chair :'-) Well worth it though, they're beauts! I know they're a bit of a 'trend' right now but I think they're something I'll be wearing for a long time yet. 

zara Over the knee boots
zara Over the knee boots
zara Over the knee boots
mid length hair with fringe
Coat - Matalan (similar here)
Shirt | H&M
Denim | Zara (similar here)
Boots | Zara (similar here)

They only had a 4 which is a size smaller than my usual but I'm so glad I tried them on because they literally fit like a glove. None of that gappiness at the thighs! I was surprised to find these actually, all the OTK boots I liked were like Saint Laurent prices, all the cheaper ones seemed to have really chunky soles or too high a heel. It'd been a while since I shopped in Zara but I shoulda known my fave would deliver.

 I do feel a little like a pirate/Puss In Boots in them although I keep trying to convince myself I'm channelling Jeanne Damas but we all know this is not true. This has been my go-to outfit of late recently, just warm, easy and comfy. Sorry I look so moody in the photos though, I didn't have my glasses on and when I looked at them on the camera screen I was like 'Yeah, they'll do!' They really don't though, sowee.

Anyway I shall love you and leave you because I'm pretty sure there's still a load of cheese in the fridge and I need to get in there quick before someone else does - it's dog eat dog in this house!

What do you think of over the knee boots? Any Christmas food still need demolishing in your house? (Send it over!) 

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