Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette

I'm not afraid of wearing bold lipstick but when it comes to eyeshadow I'm totally at a loss, I only owned a couple of shades (despite owning about 9 eye brushes...) But I spied this Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette online when I was supposed to be looking for presents for other people and it was just L-O-V-E at first sight. It's so rare for me to see a bit of make up and be like I MUST OWN THIS so I was very lucky and grateful to get this on Christmas Day (thankoo mama) especially because it's one of the more pricier beauty things I own. 

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette review
Top Row L-R: Ivory, Brown Haze Shimmer Wash, Twinkle Sparkle, Slate
Bottom Row L-R: Greystone, Earth Metal Sparkle, Greige, Fog

It's a cute little palette that fits neatly in your hand with this lovely navy kind of faux leather effect case and I love the big mirror on the inside! As you can see they're all very neutral, earthy tones but amongst the mattes there's some shimmery shades and one very special sparkly colour so even though I'm not very experimental with my eye make up I can have a play around with those - it's all baby steps people!

When I initially swatched them with my fingers I was a bit worried because the colour pay off didn't seem all that great but when I applied them with brushes they actually showed up a lot more, especially with a nice fluffy brush. I prefer that they're slightly sheerer because I'm not that confident applying eye make up so it's easier having something that I can build up. So for that reason I'd say it's a pretty nice palette for beginners, even if it is pricey (but hey, your first foray into make up is always a special moment so why not go all out?)

I used this for the first time on New Year's Eve, I tried to get a decent photo but my face would not co-operate so instead here is a photo of me being a div on the night - this is exactly why I'm no beauty blogger but at least you get to see the make up in action!

Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette review

I used Brown Haze Shimmer Wash with a little bit of Fog and patted on Earth Metal Sparkle all over. You can kiiiind of see the sparkliness here right?? Which lasted all night FYI, even when I woke up the next day having not taken it off (tramp, I know.) All in all I love this palette, it's perfect for day and night and whilst it's pretty I love that thanks to the murky shades it's a bit rock and roll too. This is the first bit of Bobbi Brown I've tried but it definitely won't be the last, I've got my eye on those famous concealers now...

Have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown before? What do you think of this palette? Buy it here if you're feeling spendy!


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