Kate Spade 'Sally' Bag

Sooo first and foremost - happy New Year! And you know what they say - new year, new bag (or maybe they don't but we shall just roll with it.) I love my Mulberry Del Rey and Bayswater but sometimes they're just a little too big to carry around if I'm just popping out quickly or something. So I was very lucky and very surprised to find this gorgeous Kate Spade bag waiting for me on Christmas morning.

Kate Spade 'Sally' Bag

It's pretty teeny so you can only fit in the essentials but as someone who doesn't carry that much around it's a perfect size. I love the fact that it's a cross body bag too, it's nice to be hands-free! I like the cute little turnlock fastening and that it's my fave combo of black leather and gold hardware. 

I'm horribly, annoyingly fussy about the things I wear so I usually like to pick the 'big' buys myself but I absolutely love this - my mama knows me well (and that's the most spoilt sentence ever written I think but I am honestly so, so grateful!) Welcome to the family Sally, I'm sure you'll fit in juuuuust fine.

I'm not sure if you can still buy this particular bag (my mum got this when she was in America) but Kate Spade does have a good sale on right now!

What do you think? Are you a Kate Spade fan?


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