A Couple Of New Additions

Hallo! Sorry about the lighting but it's either I'm gonna have to deal with it or I stop outfit pics which I don't wanna do. This is what happens when you're too ill to be up and ready at a reasonable time -_- does CF not realise a blogger's gotta blog? But anyway, I gots two new things to show ya! This year I want to buy less 'boring' pieces - think classics with a twist! But I still ended up getting pretty plain things...

stan smith outfit

kate spade sally bag
mid length hair with fringe
navy stan smith
stan smith outfit
Blazer | Topshop
Shirt | Uniqlo (similar here)
Jumper | Uniqlo
Denim | Zara (similar here)
Bag | Kate Spade

I got some vouchers for Christmas so I got myself this little blazer, I'd had my eye on it for a while but felt like £58 was a little too much to spend on myself but I'm so pleased I've got it now. It's good for layering and it makes me look like less of a slob in my jumpers and trainers so it's definitely a good little buy! I think it's quite a nice fit too, it's very true to size.

The trainers are also new, c/o Baby Florrie who got me an ASOS voucher for Christmas (just one years old and her gift buying skills are spot on haha!) I ordered them off my phone so didn't see that instead of plain navy they're actually navy leopard print so I was a bit unsure but after trying them on I do really like them so decided they're for keeps. I know I'm so late to the Stan Smith bandwagon but I kept feeling like since I own Adidas Superstars two pairs of white trainers were really excessive. Even though I own three pairs of black trainers and about five pairs of black ankle boots so I'm not quite understanding my logic there...

Have you bought anything new recently? What do you think of my new additions?


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