Week #3

Hello, hello! How are you? I'm still in hospital but out of the high dependency unit and back on my regular ward so I'm making progress. There's a chance I might even be out by Friday but I won't get my hopes up too high haha. But I'm doing much better, just have to try and get my oxygen requirements weaned down then I shall be free.

I've not been too bored, I finally got Netflix working on my phone so I watched Making A Murderer (I think he did it!) and I've watched that clip of that moment in Big Brother when the woman thought David Gest had died. It's SO wrong but I was cracking up, I was sitting in my room in HDU laughing like a crazy lady and my room was right by the entrance so everyone kept looking at me through the window like 'Poor girl!' If you don't know what I'm talking about you MUST YouTube it or something it's so bloody funny. 

Anyway today is my mummy's birthday! I feel bad because I was in hospital on her birthday last year too, I want to go out for a birthday meal with her! But instead she's spending it up here with me, at least I have cake though haha. 

Hope you're good! I've been snapchatting a little bit if you wanna keep up with that hospital lyf (sickchickchic) 

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