Week #4

Hello! Well, I'm still in hospital - knew it was wishful thinking that I'd be out Friday but I guess one must always have hope haha. But they said probably Tuesday so not long to go til I'm back in my own bed!

And back with Freddydog! Today's actually his birthday, he's the big 1-0. I feel sad because I missed his last birthday too as I was in hospital but then I know that's stupid because he doesn't realise and for him every day is basically his birthday because he's so spoilt haha. 

Not much has been happening, just slowly being weaned down on my oxygen requirements but they finally let me go on a little walk instead of keeping me cooped up in one room. You do feel like you're going a bit mad stuck in the same room attached to all these tubes and wires for weeks on end but luckily I get loads of visitors so it's not so bad. My friend came and she brought me this jelly bean game where you basically spin the wheel and have to eat whatever bean it lands on. But you don't know whether it'll be nice or disgusting, I got dog food flavour and I nearly cried it was so gross!! My brother once asked me would I eat dog food for a million pounds and I was like well that's a lot of money and it can't be worse than what people eat on I'm A Celeb...but now I know I definitely would not. Probably shouldn't admit that I considered it though haha! Would you do it? But anyway it's a stupid and silly game but really funny, if you have a dumb sense of humour like me!!

Well I shall leave you to enjoy your Sunday without me rambling on about dog food and jelly beans! I hope you're good! 


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