Week #5

Hey! How are you? I'm very happy because I'm back home after three weeks in hospital - it's good to  be back in my own bed and for once Freddydog isn't sulking with me for leaving him!

The cutest socks!

I think he will be next week though, I'm going to Harefield Hospital on Wednesday for three days for a lung transplant assessment. I'm not exactly sure what will happen, I just know it's a lot of tests to see if I'm a suitable candidate to be put on the list for new lungs. It'll be good to meet everyone there and get some of my questions answered, I'm sure I'll be posting all about it!

In the meantime I got told to relax and take it easy before then because those days are going to be pretty full on! I tried, I really tried but it just didn't happen. Yesterday I got into that much longed for post-IVs bath and was feeling all Zen and that until I saw a dead spider bobbing along with all it's dismembered legs floating around it - so grim. So that bath was over quite sharpish and then I looked on snapchat and saw that Helen was having a big wardrobe clearout so felt all inspired to do my own! I basically got rid of all the colourful things and it's looking like my dream closet, next I have shoes to do but you know I'm a shoe person so it'll be a painful process...then I can eBay or donate stuff and finally have a bit more storage space. So it was all very good that I did that except now my bed is covered in clothes so I had to sleep in this tiny space because I was too tired to tidy!

Tonight I'm going to the cinema to see The Revenant with a group of family and friends which I can't wait for because so far this year I've been stuck at home ill or stuck in hospital so it'd be good to actually get out haha! Have you seen it? Is it as good as it looks?

Well that's my news, sorry there's nothing exciting to tell you haha. But I'm hoping to get back to blogging outfits and stuff again now. What have you been up to this weekend? 


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