Topshop Baxter Jeans #2

OK so I had my rant about how the blue Baxter jeans kinda suck but I did mention how I think the black ones were closer to the originals so I thought I'd better show them off in an outfit post (even if I'm a rubbish model/photographer - where's a photographer boyfriend at?)

topshop baxter jeans review 2016
adidas stan smith with socks
topshop baxter jeans review 2016
kanken mini graphite
Coat | Gap (old, similar here)
Jumper | Gap (old, similar here)
Denim | Topshop
Socks | ASOS

They're a lot more fitted but still looser at the ankle, my only complaint is that they faded after the first wash which is not cool Topshop, not cool at all - especially for £40 a pop. Talking of not cool I don't think I can pull off this sock/Stan Smith combo as well as those amazing girls on Pinterest and Tumblr but I definitely appreciate the extra cosiness as it's so blimmin' chilly!

I've been using this little bag a lot recently. I bought it years ago thinking it was the full sized version so I was definitely confused when I opened a kiddie sized one but dinkier things are always cuter! Plus it's suprisingly roomy despite it's tiny size which teaches me not to judge a book by it's cover. I consider myself told. Talking of looks being deceiving I used to wear this bag with my New Balance trainers with my work uniform and pretend to be way cooler than I was. I still am doing that now to be honest, I've just had a change of shoe.

Before I go I just want to say a HUGE, huge thank you to everyone that donated yesterday! I am completely blown away by your generosity (I haven't told my cousins yet, I thought I'd let them check it and let your sponsor money give them a nice surprise!) It honestly means so much, thank you. I'll obviously update you all when they've done their walk!

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