Week #6

Hey! How are you doing? Sorry most of my posts have just been these weekly update type things lately, it's just obviously I couldn't blog properly in hospital and when I got home I decided to do a major clearout of my room. I pulled everything out to chuck or charity shop and ended up getting everything in a bigger mess than it was before so I was just sat in the middle of it all like 'Muuuuuum!' She of course knew what to and now my room is looking bee-yoo-tee-ful and ready to take blog pics in again.

next dog cushion
Neat and cosy bed!

She came to rescue again last Sunday. I saw The Revenant - SO GOOD. It was so beautifully shot and gave me all the feels. It made me scared, sad, happy and grossed out all at once and Leonardo needs to win that Oscar! You know I went because I was like oh hai Leo and Tom Hardy (who you definitely won't fancy in this film) but left with a little crush on Domhnall Gleeson - whodda thunk it? Only in this film though because his hair and jacket makes him look like he could join The Libertines (not sure what that says about my taste in men.)

Anyway it was funny because my portable oxygen concentrator ran out of battery during the film and I was going to have a strop about how it was unfair because this was my first trip out this year that wasn't going to a hospital blahblahblah. But then I realised I was watching a film based on the true life tale of a man who basically crawls across a brutal terrain full of all sorts of dangers after being left seriously injured from a bear attack and it did put things into perspective for me. He didn't have mummy come to the rescue with a spare canister and a wheelchair and a car to get home safely. But because of that my mum got to see the end of the film, she was like 'Who's the baddie? Who's the goody? Is that Tom Hardy? I'd never have known. This is gory you girls shouldn't be watching this' hahaha.

But yes, it was very good and I recommend it if you don't mind a bit of gore!

Oh and the obvious thing that happened this week was that I had my lung transplant assessment at Harefield Hospital. I had lots of tests such as scans and bloods to check out how bad my lungs are and if my other organs are well enough to go through the transplant should I receive one. There was lots of information to take in and right now it's all a bit overwhelming - I'll know in two weeks time what the outcome of this assessment is. Sorry for not going into too much detail, to be honest it's quite draining to talk about and after telling all my family and friends I'm not really in the mood to talk about it any more! For now I'd rather just ramble about randomness, I hope you don't mind - I promise to update you properly when my brain has calmed down a bit!

I hope you've had a good week! Have you seen The Revenant? If you have let's do a snog, marry or kill of  the characters of Tom, Crazy Eyebrow Kid and Domhnall!

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