Week #8

Well hi! Didn't post most of this week because I've not spent much time online really, I've mainly been watching films and reading and also I've even managed to get oot and aboot!

And also been living in these cute H&M jimjams

I've been a real lady of leisure this week - bar a quick trip to the CF clinic on Tuesday there's been cute lunch dates, shopping trips and I forgot to mention that last week I even managed a night out in a pub for the first time since last summer!! (This was what I wore if you're interested!) So basically I've been buzzing lately. 

I had to go to the CF clinic to get some bloods done that Harefield forgot to do when I was there (it was a HIV test if you wanna know, just a standard thing they do at every transplant assessment) and also I have a bit of a sinus infection so got some tablets for that - fingers crossed they do the trick and stop it getting to my lungs! But without wanting to jinx myself my lungs are pretty ok at the moment, my lung function was 25% at clinic which is good (well good in their current state, obviously that's still crappy haha!) I've been walking around the shops twice this week which is knackering but I didn't have to get in the wheelchair at all, I just used it to carry my oxygen and shopping bags in which I was over the moon about. I do wonder if people thought it was a little odd that I was pushing the wheelchair instead of being in it though haha.

So after such a good couple of weeks healthwise and getting on with nice, normal things it definitely threw me a bit when Harefield phoned me on Thursday, even though I was expecting their call. It was the transplant coordinator to say that they're happy to accept me onto the list for new lungs as soon as they get results back from a couple more minor tests that need doing. It's just insane to me that in a couple of weeks I'll be on that list waiting and hoping for that life saving op. It feels strange writing that I need something 'life saving.'

But more on that when I know more! Have you had a good week? What have you been up to?


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