Week #9

Hello! How are you? So I didn't blog at all this week again because I'm still not really feeling like doing anything blog related for some reason, I don't even really feel like reading them lately either. I think it's probably because I'm ill right now, I've caught something buggy so all I do in between treatments and medicines is watch Netflix and sleep so I think it's IVs next week for me! Knew I jinxed myself last week when I was saying how well I was doing ;)


Oh one thing I did do this week was go to the dentist, it's the last thing I needed doing before they can list me for lung transplant as if you have gum disease there's evidence that shows the bacteria can infect your lungs too so obviously they wanted to make sure I had the all clear before listing me. So I was brushing my teeth that morning and there was blood and all I had was images of that woman in the advert with the missing tooth so I was like 'Oh no that's it I have gum disease I won't get listed wahahdfhsafgsdfs!!!' Such an idiot, it was only because I had a new toothbrush and you know when they're evil because they're too hard? And I was just brushing my teeth in that aggressive way that you do right before a dentist appointment (do you do that too?) and I hurted myself, so dumb haha.

Anyway what I'm trying to tell you is I got the all clear from the dentist so next week I'll be getting that call from Harefield and will be hopefully put on the list. All feeling very real now!!

I've not been up to much else, 1/3 of the Blister Sister's came round last night though for a takeaway and it was lovely to catch up with her. I forgot to mention last week but they said to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who sponsored them, they are over the moon. Thank you again from me!

Well I hope you've had a good week and haven't caught this lurgy that me and everyone else seems to have caught!


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