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Hey! So as I mentioned yesterday we had a bit of a do on Saturday night to help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. It was basically a big party with a band and a raffle and lots of very generous people - we got nearly £3000, with a bit more to come too so we're over the moon with that!! It was  a super, super fun night with lots of my favourite people and I got to be reunited with my two best friends <3 Anyway this is what I wore - it's not often I get a chance to dress up and as you can see I didn't really take this opportunity, oops. 

j brand vanity jeans review
j brand vanity jeans review
j brand vanity jeans review
Shirt | H&M
Denim | J Brand 
Shoes | Topshop (old, similar here)
Bag | Mulberry

None of my skirts fit me any more and none of my dresses can be worn with tights and I did try looking for something new but ended up buying black skinnies. In my defence they're not just any black skinnies, they're a bit posher than my usual high street buys! I got these J Brands from BrandAlley for just £60 when they should have been £200 and something (big thanks to Helen for the tip!) and I luff them. They're the Vanity jeans, which are low rise skinnies with a hint of stretch so I sized down and these fit perfectly. I never used to get the appeal of designer denim but I so do now, I love that they don't attract all of the dust either - I got these covered in make up and Jelly Babies before I even left the house but they cleaned up very easily (my Baxter's for example have to be taken off and washed if I get any little mark on!) So yes, big thumbs up to them!

I wore little heels to try and look a bit smarter, I also overcompensated for the lack of glam in my outfit by using a sh*t load of make up but then still ended up looking the same as I always do, boo! 

Well I hope you've had a great weekend, loved mine but it has well and truly knocked me for six! 100% worth it though :)


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