Pattern Clashing For Wimps

I'm not very adventurous with my clothes and I'm not very brave with patterns so this is the closest you'll ever find me clashing two prints together - a wild look, I know! I'm obsessed with both the jacket and top though, I never used to buy anything from Topshop but lately I've been so impressed with their stuff. Not the prices though, they still make me feel sad. 

topshop tonic check boyfriend jacket
topshop chelsea boots
topshop tonic check boyfriend jacket
Top | Topshop
Denim | Uniqlo
Boots | Topshop (old, similar here)

Saying that this jacket has now gone down to just £30 which you'll agree is far more reasonable than the £58 I paid for it - yep, I'm gutted. Never mind though, I've already gotten loads of wear out of it and it makes me a bit smarter even when I'm in my usual jumper/jeans/trainers outfit. And I know the tee is such a blatant copy of the CDG Play ones but this wasn't a crazy price sooooo...

Oh and I guess I should state the obvious before I go, I'm wearing my oxygen in this post. Usually taking outfit photos is the one time I take it off (other than when I'm washing my face or getting dressed) and I'm not sure why seeing as in real life I'm wearing this 24/7. I've been deceiving you all along, this is what I really look like! I suppose outfit photos were the one thing CF hadn't managed to take over (although it certainly always makes it more difficult!) but now like almost everything else in my life it's insisting relentlessly on getting involved. On this day I just had to let it because I don't want it to stop me doing #ootd's altogether so here it is. Bit of an outfit ruiner but you can't deny that it's real 'sick chick chic' haha! But yeah, it may appear in future pics or it may not, all depends on how my lungs are doing that day.

 If you're new around here (hi and welcome!) you're probably wondering what the hell it is that I've got up my nose - this post should explain things for you.

But anyway, back to fashion please. Do you ever clash prints or are you a bit of a wimp like me? 


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