Week #10

Hey! How are you? I is sick, ughhhh. Not even like a little bit, this week has been full on icky-ness so on Thursday I started IVs. But without wanting to sound like too much of a junkie it's my favourite combo (Tobi and Mero if you were wondering) as they're the ones with the least side effects for me, Mero is three times a day but Tobi is just once and they all come ready made so no need to faff around mixing up meds. So I can't complain! Also on Thursday I got confirmation that I am now officially on the list for new lungs - eek!

Made myself a sofa bed and he stole it -_-

I'm planning on posting a more in depth thing on being listed since something so huge deserves a post of it's own,  but I will say for now that it's just very surreal. If you had told me this time last year that I'd be in this situation I'd have laughed in your face - I mean my health wasn't great but I wasn't on full time oxygen and I had so much more independence. Madness how quickly life changes!

Like I said, I'll go into it more another time but one thing everyone has been asking me is 'So when you having that done then?' It's a bit crazy to me how little people know about transplants! Unfortunately organs aren't something that you can just order on Amazon Prime, you have to wait for a pair to become available that are an exact match to you. And when I say available, I mean when someone passes away who is registered on the organ donor register and/or their families have given consent for their organs to be donated. Obviously there is no predicting when this happens and if it does there's a very short space of time to get the organs to the recipient so if there are potential lungs for me I have to be ready to get to the hospital at any time from the moment I've been listed. I could get a call tonight, tomorrow, weeks, months, years - there's just absolutely no way of telling.

But anyway I'll go into it more in another post, it's an important thing and I want to make sure I can explain it properly - right now I can't really think straight as I have this horrid sickness bug and have spent the last two days with my head in a bucket lololol.

I hope your week has been less emosh and sicky haha! If you have any questions about organ donation/being on the list do ask and I'll cover it in my post :) And also just a quick Happy Mother's Day to my mama - this is all just as hard, if not more so, on her but she is with me every step <3


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