Week #11

Hey! How are you? This week has been a bit of a mixed bag but nothing a bit of shopping can't fix ;-) I don't usually buy loads of things at once but I have done and now I most definitely need to slow down haha!

whistles pineapple necklace
A couple of new buys - a Whistles necklace and ASOS tee (obsessed with this shade of pink!)

I'd spent a few weeks feeling crappy and having bad sinus headaches every day but luckily they seemed to have cleared up now and I'm feeling a bit more human so I managed to go walk round Bluewater for a couple of hours which was great! I brought the wheelchair but only needed it to carry the oxygen in and of course the shopping ;-)

cystic fibrosis wheelchair

OK, well maybe I should have sat in it after a couple of hours but I was being stubborn because I want to keep my strength up as it's important for recovery after transplant that I keep as active as I can. Paid for it yesterday I tell thee! But even though my muscles and lungs weren't happy yesterday was a really good day because I went for a meal with my friend and then in the evening spent a good hour face swapping on snapchat with my mum and her friends. Why would I miss being able to go out on a Saturday night when I can do that instead? Seriously though it was too funny and my stomach still hurts now from laughing. Freddydog wouldn't join in so I did a photo of a photo instead:

On that weird note I shall love you and leave you. Ooh but before I go I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely comments on my transplant posts - afterwards I was worried that I was looking a bit 'woe is me!' The situation does suck but I'm very, very lucky to have the best family and friends around me so already I know I'm in a better position than a lot of people, ill or not. In fact I'd say I'm being almost too well looked after, I think I'm turning into a bit of a spoilt princess haha!

I hope you've had a lovely week! I'd love to know what's been your highlight?


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