Week #12

Hallo! How are you? So in my last post I was like 'Woo, gonna try daily blogging again' but that didn't happen because CF was just like 'LOL, no.' But if I aim for 3 or 4 times a week that'd be great. This week I've been feeling so breathless so when me and my mum went round the shops she needed to push me in my chair the whole time which I haven't had to do while shopping before. My poor mum, it's extra work for her! So my lungs have been eejits but then so have I because I had to finish my IVs a day early due to my clumsiness. I dropped my IV thing and dislodged the needle which was OUCHY so had to just take it out. But other than that mishap this week has been wonderful.

From lunch with Florrie

On Tuesday me and my aunt went to see How To Be Single which I actually really loved, was way funnier than I expected! Yes it was a bit clich├ęd at times but it had Leslie Mann in it who I think just rocks and Rebel Wilson. She's not to everyone's taste but I have a stupid sense of humour so love her!

Then on Wednesday I saw Baby Florrie! She was 1 in December and is getting so big, we went for lunch and she was just pulling all these funny faces and she had a go in my wheelchair too haha. We were being wheeled along side by side and she kept looking me up and down as if to say 'What you doing in a pram? I fancy a go in that one!' She is the loveliest of bubs.

And thennnnn last night was most exciting of all, my stepdad organised like a do to raise money for the CF Trust! It was such a fun night, I'm not sure how much exactly we raised yet but I'll tell you all about the party tomorrow (there's stuff on snapchat now though, follow me at sickchickchic *hinthint* haha!) It was so, so good!

Oh before I go can someone tell me what this means - I had a dream on Friday where this song was playing, then on Saturday morning it was on the radio then on Saturday night it was played also. Things come in threes and I feel it's a sign of something, but of what? And is it to do with the song or Bryan Adams or Sporty Spice? Will it bring me luck or misfortune? Or am I reading too much into this? I just don't know.

Well I hope you've had a great week! I'd love to know something fun that you did!


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