Week #13

Hey! How are you? I got admitted to hospital on Thursday as my lungs are being very naughty so I needed to get back on my Optiflow thing and start ivs. Bit boosome to be in for Easter but luckily the Easter Bunny still knew where I was so I didn't miss out on my eggs haha.

It's actually been a really nice weekend, I've been lucky enough to have lots of visitors and I saw Baby Florrie which was lovely as always! She had a bite of her first Easter egg and wasn't too sure, I'm sure someone will take it off her hands though - tough job but can't let it go to waste ;-) 

I've not much else to tell you really, I feel completely out of it because I'm doped up on painkillers and antisickness and strong antibiotics so I'm definitely resembling an extra from The Walking Dead right now. Especially because my hair needs washing and my skin has decided to breakout, which it never does so thanks for doing this when I have no access to make up -_- But never mind, I'm just gonna eat my eggs and watch House Of Cards! And also rewatch #SadAffleck, sozzee Ben. 

Happy Easter to yoooooou <3


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