A Little Chaos

Hello! How are ya? Pretty standard outfit for me really, these pics are from a few weeks ago when we went to visit Baby Florrie and her mama (and Baby Florrie's outfit game was way stronger than mine.)

Jacket | GAP (similar here)
Jumper | Banana Republic (similar here)
Earrings | New Look
Denim | Zara (similar here)
Socks | ASOS (similar here)
Bag |  Mulberry

This jumper is a firm fave though, my mum bought it for me when she went to Vegas - much better than a touristy keyring, I'm sure you will agree. So thank you Mama!

Today the plan is to tidy my room because within two days of being home from hospital I trashed my room already. I pride myself on keeping my wardrobe organised, my books and CDs are in alphabetical order and my computer files and inbox are all neat but I seem to turn everywhere else into a bomb site! The thing is I kind of like it like that haha, it just makes me feel happy seeing all my stuff. Like I have a double bed but I can't sleep properly unless there's a least a little bit of clutter on it. I always have to have at least 10 cushions and pillows (I currently have 12), my laptop, a book and a spare pair of pyjamas. Then I like to add a few more bits of randomness for good measure! I also sleep on top of the covers with no blanket, I just feel like there must be a reason for all this. Any clue? I bet you're all well judging me now for being such a weirdo haha but I'm hoping there'll be a few people who'll say 'I'm exactly the same!' Anyone? No? Oh....Well I guess I like having a little chaos in my otherwise mundane life ;-)

So in an effort to do something non-destructive and untidy once I've sorted it all out I'm going to try and catch up with blog comments and bloglovin because it's been a long time - I can't wait to have a big catch up!

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