Week #15 (Birthday Edition!)

*SUPER LONG POST WARNING* Hello! So I'm still in hospital, it's just been same old, same old really. The breakfast lady is still calling me Joseph (it's been a year now, it's too late to correct her), I've met three medical students who don't seem to understand how my twin can be a boy and I've been told I'm getting chubby by four different people. On the plus side I've only been caught taking a selfie twice, when last admission people walked in on me four times.

A cute present from my cousins

BUT in more exciting news it was my birthday on Friday (as well as my twin's, happy bday Tommy!) I am now 23. I feel like 23 is a nothing age in a way. 18 was like woo clubs and alco-ma-hol, 19 was last of the teens, 20 was 'adulthood', 21 was special even though I'm never sure why and 22 was the one time you can sing 'I'm feeling 22!' It was still such a fun birthday, I thought it'd be sucky being in hospital but it was almost better because as well as family and friends spoiling me too much the lovely staff here treated me like a birthday princess too haha! My CF team got me cards and a balloon and a voucher and chocolates and I got all teary because everyone was so lovely so I felt very lucky and loved. Sorry if that sounds a bit like a #humblebrag but I wanted to point out how lovely the people in hospital are since the papers try and make out they're all just in it for the money when actually they're all superheroes. #SaveOurNHS!! But anyway, here's my room all birthday-fied: 

Freddy made this himself ;-)

It was exciting because in the evening my mum had booked a surprise, the doctors and physios were umming and ahhing about it for a bit because I'm still on Mr Optiflow (which isn't portable!) But luckily my lungs could just about manage on 6L of oxygen, which is a lot considering I'm usually on 2 or 3L when I'm 'well' but for a few hours it was ok. So I was given the go ahead on the condition that I did no walking at all and used my wheelchair. This was ok with me, but looking back I should have demanded a more outrageous form of transport seeing as it was my birthday. Like in a litter like Cersei when she was Queen Bee. Or a giant egg like Lady Gaga at the Grammy's. I'll bear those in mind next year! 

So I went out in my wheelchair which was much more modest but no less fabulous because I went to see Wicked with my family! We had such a good time and the staff were really great, they sorted out an extension lead for my portable oxygen to be plugged in and made sure everything was wheelchair friendly. It was funny because me and my chair had to go in a stairlift thing, going up was fine because I felt like in the end of Grease when they fly into the sky so I was a loser and waved to everyone haha. Going down was a different matter however because it was a bit of a drop and I got scared! No surprise there though because I'm a massive wimp. 

Then yesterday I got to go home for a few hours, my family all came round and also my two best friends which was a big surprise because one lives far away and I didn't know she was coming! It was good to see Freddydog too, especially since today it's been 10 years since we got him <3 

Sorry if this post looks a bit like #blessed haha but I've really had one of the best birthdays ever thanks to everyone being so nice and I'm really grateful! Thank you for the birthday wishes too! 


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