Week #16

Hallo! How are you? I got home from hospital on Thursday so I'm happpppy. Completely knackered though, I always forget how tiring it is after a stay in there. I spend most of the time stuck in one room for three weeks and then at home it's like 'Wooooah, all this space! And I have to use stairs!' haha! It's so good to be reunited with Freddydog, my bath and my bed though.

Last night was so good, I had my first Chinese takeaway in over a month and it was like heaven! My best friend came over and we definitely ordered too much food for two people but no regrets at all. We were supposed to plan the drinks menu for next weekend because I'm having like a little cocktail night indoors with family and friends as like a belated birthday thing but we ate too much and our food comas were so bad we couldn't even face thinking about drinking haha! I don't even drink now anyway, I had half a glass of Prosecco on my birthday and I was nearly drunk, the shame. It was watered down with lemonade as well!! My uni self would be very disappointed in me.

Anyway, today I plan to sort out my room and unpack my hospital suitcase but we all know I'm just gonna eat leftover Chinese food and watch Netflix. What are your plans for today? I'd also love some cocktail/mocktail recommendations please!


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