Week #17

Hey! So you may have seen I'm back in the hospital, I just can't stay away from this place - must be the delicious food ;) At least being lazy paid off for me because I hadn't even unpacked from last time!

Hospital treat 

After four days at home I was admitted again on Tuesday because I was struggling to breathe and my lungs were full of rubbish. But in the couple of days of freedom I did have I had a night in and a takeaway with my friend and also a little trip to Primark and Boots so that was good! 

Right now I'm in the High Dependency Unit because I'm on three IV antibiotics three times a day and also a nebulised one twice a day which have sent me a bit Loopy-Loo! The side effects include sickness and dizziness so I'm just needing that bit more help to do my physio and other normal meds and treatment - so I'm getting the VIP treatment on HDU! Got transferred in the middle of the night Friday which wasn't ideal but feel so rough I needed to be moved. But being very well looked after and getting lots of rest so all is good.

I hope you're well! I've just realised I was on HDU this time last year too, let's hope this isn't a new annual tradition ;)

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