Week #18

Hello! How are ya? I got out of the high dependency unit yesterday and am back on my usual ward which I'm very pleased about!

 Firstly because it means I'm getting better and secondly I have a window - a week in a windowless room was a bit boring haha and it's not good for your mood to not have natural daylight. It also means I get to see the little ones in my family again (kids aren't allowed to visit on HDU) and also I can go to the cafe again - as you can see I made up for lost time ;)

I haven't much to tell you to be honest, these weekly updates must be so bloody boring for you to read these days as all they do is revolve around hospital life. I know life could be so much worse but I'm really homesick today! I'm so lucky I get so many visitors but I just want my own bed and all my things and to see Freddydog, not seeing him for weeks at a time always makes me really upset. At least I know he's it that fussed that I'm gone haha I'm not even just saying it but he's not the most loyal dog - he loves whoever feeds him :') 

Enough of my mini pity party haha I'll be feeling ok tomorrow - we all have down days don't we? I think my stint in HDU left me feeling a bit funny too, it's not the nicest environment down there (although the staff are super lovely!) I hope you're good and having a fab weekend! 

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