Week #19

Hey! How are you? Well I'm still in, have had a mini set back because I've got bad hay fever which has made my sats drop really low again so I'm a bit annoyed. I've really been struggling to breathe but yesterday was the absolute best because I got to see my Freddy for a few hours! 

There's a little park behind the hospital so I met him there, for once he actually acknowledged me (usually he's too interested in the park to care haha!) The best bit was he found another Bichon to play with, she was only 9 months old but she's so much bigger than him. He's a bit of a grump sometimes with younger dogs but he loved her so I'm trying to convince my family he'd like a sister ;) 

So even though there's been a few annoying things healthwise, yesterday was the best! I feel so embarrassed that I was so miserable in last week's post, like that same day on Sunday all my family came to visit and it was really lovely. It's so shameful of me to complain when there are people here with no visitors or anything, so I'm really sorry for being a moo - next time I am tell me off!! 

Anyway I hope you've had lovely weeks and are enjoying the sunshine if you can! 

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