Week #21

Hallo! How are ya? This week has been a mix of highs, lows and a bit of weirdness also. And cake too of course.

Things were going good in the week, I was no longer a germ so people didn't have to mask up when they came into my room and my infection markers were all coming down nicely. On Friday they stopped the ivs and the plan was to see how I was off them before they sent me home. 

So Friday was an excellent day, first of all I did a bit of filming in the morning - get me haha! The physio wanted a video of me doing my breathing exercises that I do everyday to clear the rubbish off my lungs to teach the other physios how to do it 'cos apparently I'm the best in the business lololol. How is that for a talent? It's nice to know I'm good at something I guess. But I thought it'd just be a physio with a little camera but no, it was a man with a proper Nikon thing and tripods and microphones and I was just like oh gawd because I didn't have any make up on and my eyebrows ain't been done for over 8(!) weeks and they just kept saying how crisp and sharp the film was :( So I'm looking grim, coughing up on camera and because part of my physio is blowing my nose to clear all the airways they got a nice close up of that too. It was weeeeird and I'm absolutely dreading watching it back. But it's all for a good purpose, I'd do anything for my physios because they do everything for me - they're amazing! 

Then in the afternoon it was really exciting because a lovely lady from the optiflow company came to give me a machine of my own to trial at home! The optiflow is a machine that delivers oxygen but at a higher flow rate and is humidified so it's warmer (normal oxygen is cold air going up your nose which isn't always pleasant.) The hope is that if I get this at home I'll be able to do physio more effectively and just be a lot more comfortable in general. It may also mean I spend less time in hospital as its one of the main reasons I'm here so much, which would be amazing because this year I've spent more time here than at home. I'm so lucky and grateful for the chance to try it out! 

So Friday was going really well and the plan was home on Tuesday but yesterday things went a bit pear shaped. I got a temp and my heart rate was very high then my bloods came back with high infection markers so I'm back on IVs and probably won't be going home next week now. To say I'm gutted is an understatement, in 8 weeks I've only had four days at home so I'm very homesick. When the doctor told me I was fine because my cousins were here so we were just joking and stuff but when my parents came I did that thing where you're upset and take it out on them, TO MY SHAME. I was so ridiculous, I snapped at them and shut myself in the bathroom crying for like 20 mins with no oxygen - smart move -_- Then I came out and was like 'I'm sorrrrry, I just want to go to bed and watch Shakespeare!' :') Seriously, what the hell? I was already having a mini pity party that day anyway because I was missing out on my best friend's birthday thing last night so I just got pushed over the edge haha! So today I've woken up looking ugly af from crying which has made my lungs achy too, I'm such a n00b. But it's out my system and I'm fine with it now. 

Well I've definitely rambled enough today so I shall leave it there! Hope you've had a good week! 


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