Week #22

Hey! How are you? So I'm still in but I got to see my Freddydog twice this week so that was good. Made him wear a daisy chain crown, don't think he was too impressed though.

Not much has gone on, the plan is to finish ivs this Thursday and if I'm ok over the weekend I can go home. Last time I only managed 24 hours off ivs so I'm really hoping I'll be ok this time because I miss home so much and I'm starting to feel so trapped in the hospital haha! But luckily I can go out for the day tomorrow to my aunts house, I'm so excited because other than going to the park behind the hospital I haven't left this place for six weeks. She's having a BBQ and I can't wait to stuff ma face like Henry VIII and spend time with my family.

Before I go something kinda cool happened - the NHS Organ Donation Facebook page shared a little thing about me and it's gotten 2.9k shares so far! How great is that that people are raising awareness of organ donation and cystic fibrosis? Very grateful to them! I'm glad I shared it too because despite being so open about CF on here I don't think I'm that honest in real life. I mean I tell people I have it but I kind of downplay it because I don't want to look like I'm putting a downer on my life or being attention seeking haha. But it got shared by a lot of ex colleagues and school mates and I think it gave them more of an understanding. It also showed me that people don't think I'm attention seeking or whatever but are actually really kind and want to help. I do think there are far more nice people in the world than mean ones. Anyway this is the post if you wanna see it https://www.facebook.com/nhsorgandonor/posts/10153470789811816

Hope you're well! What are your plans for the weekend? 


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