An Unexpected Post

Look at me, so classy with my Primark bag full of recycling in shot! Although that's gone now (it's been replaced by more mess) these photos were from a long while back when I was just going to a hospital appointment I think. In fact that's where I definitely was going because I remember now these shoes being a pain in the ass to get on and off! They weigh me every time at the CF Clinic and every time I forget to just wear shoes you can easily slip off.

Coat | Marks & Spencer (similar here)
Jumper | Daisy Street (similar here)
Jeans | J Brand (check out BrandAlley for bargains!)
Shoes | Converse
Bag | Mulberry

There's no way I could wear this outfit now because it's too hot but I didn't want a waste of my wonderful photos (HAHAHA) but hopefully it'll still be relevant because it's raining at the mo so someone somewhere reading this is probably a bit chilly?

OH and I am in hospital right now, got ill over the weekend and am currently typing this on my phone in the High Dependency Unit - such larks! Will update you properly on that but for now I just felt like not breaking my 'being good at regular posting' thing I've had going on the past couple of weeks as this was in my drafts :-) Hope you're well!! 

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