I kept seeing all these little fishnet socks on instagram (check out Megan's account for the best inspo) and whilst I don't have the Gucci loafers to match, the socks were only £3 from ASOS so I thought I'd give them a go. Especially as my 13 year old self was rather (embarrassingly) partial to fishnet tights because those and a bit of red tartan were as punk as I was ever allowed to go, thankfully. 

 topshop shacket, j brand verity jeans, fishnet socks, adidas gazelles
lucy williams x missoma large horn necklace
adidas gazelles, fishnet socks
mulberry bayswater, topshop shacket, j brand verity jeans, fishnet socks, adidas gazelles
Shirt/Jacket | Topshop (similar here)
Top | H&M (similar here)
Jeans | J Brand (check out Brand Alley for good discounts!)
Shoes | Adidas
Socks | ASOS (sold out but I'm sure eBay will have some!)

Fast forward 10 years and I'm hopefully dressing a bit nicer although maybe I'm still just as try-hard because I'm not sure I'm cool enough to pull them off! They're kind of fun to wear though.

Talking of fun to wear, this week I finally get to wear my pink suit! I bought it when I was feeling spendy whilst in hospital, it was actually my mum that showed it to me so I'm blaming her for this purchase. I've had a couple of weeks relaxing but this week is a bit full on so I'm hoping my lungs can keep up haha!

So today I'm going to try and rest a bit, Baby Florrie is coming to stay for a couple of days which'll be fun. Also, my grandparents came over from Ireland yesterday to stay for a while so it'll be so good to spend time with them. Especially as last time I didn't get to say goodbye properly when they left as they both had colds </3 and I was ill in the High Dependency Unit at hospital! This week is full of family things actually, definitely the best kinds of weeks.

Hope your Monday is fabulous! Was anyone else a little wannabe punk when they were 13? I was always like 'I'm a punk, not emo!' hahaha THE SHAME. 


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