The Alexa Chung 'Ada' Blazer

Hey! So I'm back at home, yaaaay. I left hospital on Wednesday and was feeling a bit odd about my whole bad health sitch so I didn't feel like posting anything. But never mind all that because I feel less sad now and I have an old outfit pic to post! These photos were from a little while back, in fact they're the day I got admitted to hospital the last time - I half-hoped that dressing up smartly and doing my make up would make them ignore my sats of 77% and that they'd send me on my merry way home with home IVs lololol. So I'm slow to blog about the Archive By Alexa collection but thought I'd do so anyway as it's quite a nice little blazer and you can still buy it here.

alexa chung ada blazer,
alexa chung ada blazer
dune lexus loafers
alexa chung ada blazer
Blazer | M&S
Top | New Look (get it, it's one of the best I've come across and it's a bargain!)
Jeans | ASOS Ridley
Shoes | Dune (similar here)

You know I'm an unashamed Alexa fangirl and I really like M&S so got too excited over this collab, especially since it was one of those rare ones that I could actually afford. I bought the Lydia skirt at first but I looked like an overstuffed sausage in it so it went back. I didn't like the material or the fact it was unlined either so that was a fail for me. Also, when on earth do I ever wear skirts??  However blazers and little jackets are kind of my 'thing' right now, being ill and knackered most of the time makes me feel like I'm looking really scruffy! So I wanted to look a bit smarter and I thought this was laaaavely and maybe even a bit Emmanuelle Alt-esque.

I usually size up with blazers but got my usual size 10 and it's a bit more oversized than I thought - perfect to layer jumpers under when it's cold and the sleeves will look quite nice peeking out slightly under these cropped at the wrist ones so I can pretend to be all cute and nonchalant and someone I am not haha. I like the colour, I like that it's lined but the buttons do let this jacket down. You might be able to see they're not sewn on properly so I need to beg my mother to sew them on a bit better. I'll probably replace them at some point though as these are quite cheap looking but I'll keep the gold because it stops it looking too boring. 

So yeah, not the usual quality I'd expect from Marks & Spencer but I still really like it! Did you get anything from this collection? It feels blimming good to just sit here and write a post about clothes y'know!


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