Week #23

Heyyyy! How are you? Well I'm still in hospital BUT off ivs and if all goes well I may be home on Tuesday. I won't get mega excited about it because I did when we tried this the other week and totally jinxed myself because I got ill again so I'm still bloody here! So just goooo with the floooow, lalala.

My gallery wall in my hospital room, artwork by my cousin Zac, age 5 <3 

So what can I tell you? I did get out last Monday and had a marvellous time at my aunts even though that day I got a mystery sickness bug so didn't quite get to eat all the BBQ but it still was a fab day. How typical that I'd get ill that day, none of the docs or cf team could explain it so I'm putting it down to CF tryna ruin my day - but it did not! 

Yesterday was so good, I got to escape for the day so Baby Florrie took me out for lunch haha. She's just so cute and funny, I'm so lucky to be auntie to the best bubba ever (not biased at all...) Then we went home for a bit to see Freddydog, I've not been home for nearly 7 weeks so it was a bit weird. Got me all excited for when I'm back properly though, eeeeep cannot wait! 

Before I go, as is tradition in these weekly updates, I shall tell you my embarrassing moment of the week. You know the Chihuaua filter on snapchat? I was on that singing the theme tune to Beverly Hills Chihuaua to send to my mum (long story, don't ask) but didn't realise someone had come in the room til I'd finished :'((((  They couldn't even see a chihuahua on my screen so it had absolutely no context to it for them and I kind of chucked my phone in my suitcase in a panic but because snapchat replays the things you record it just went on and on for which felt like an eternity :( Why am I such a loser? 

Anyway I hope you're well and that at least someone is still reading my blog lololol. Fingers crossed I'll be blogging outfit posts and that again soon! 

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