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Hello! So here is an attempt at dressing girly. I bought these Zara embroidered jeans almost immediately after watching Olivia's video (her channel is one of my absolute favourites, do check it out!) I don't like a lot of this patched denim stuff because I think it can be a bit OTT and although these are a little bit gimmicky I still do think they're rather cute. I've gotten loads of wear out of them since I bought them, which I wasn't really expecting to be honest. 

zara embroidered jeans, asos swing t shirt
zara embroidered jeans
whistles pineapple necklace
Zara embroidered jeans, asos swing t-shirt, mulberry bayswater bag
Tee | ASOS
Jeans | Zara (sold out online but I like these ones)
Sandals | GAP (old but similar here)
Bag | Mulberry 
Necklace | Whistles 

Sorry for the awkward #belfie (and I'm sorry for using that word...) I tried to get a picture of the cuffs too but those photos looked even worse so you can see it better here on the actual Zara site. When I bought these I was wanting to wear them with Converse and my leather jacket but it's been a bit too hot for that lately and also I wanted to wear my new ASOS tee because I'm a bit obsessed with pink right now - hence my lovely new blog layout by pipdig! Kind of matches my room too, how's that for next level co-ordination? Talking about my room, I'm so sorry about the mess! But what precious little energy I have is being saved for more fun things than tidying up ;-)

Such as spending time with Baby Florrie! She's stayed over the past couple of nights and she's such a bubba - I thought my heart was gonna burst because she calls me 'Jo' now <3 So clever!

Well I hope you're good! Oh and who watched Game Of Thrones on Monday? Was it not one of the best bits of telly ever? It blew my tiny mind.


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