La Favorite

It does feel a little bit odd to be blogging an outfit after my last posts but at the same time it's great to be doing something 'normal'. And hopefully now I can be posting more often :-D These are some 'before' photos - before transplant and before the weather went a bit Autumn-y. That's not a word is it? Autumnal, sorry. But yes, these were taken back in the summer a couple of weeks before I got my new lungs and while I look quite well I really wasn't. The power of a punchy lipstick!

River Island monochrome Hawaiian dress

Chanel La Favorite lipstick

topshop green shacket, mulberry bayswater bag
Shacket | Topshop (similar here)
Dress | River Island (similar here)
Shoes | GAP (similar here)
Bag | Mulberry 
Lipstick | Chanel La Favorite

It's by Chanel, is one of their Rouge Allure Velvet Lip Colours, is called 'La Favorite' and it is an actual favourite because I bought it on holiday because I had spare euros which I couldn't possibly save because I was in holiday mode where all sense goes out the window. But still, it was a good time and I have loads of funny memories from it so whenever I put it on it brings back that happy, summery feeling (even if it is way too orange and bright for me!)

Before I go I have a dilemma, a very fun one though! My current laptop sounds like an aeroplane about to land and it's just quite old and slow so it may be time to part ways *major sad face* BUT I'm useless at anything techy so need some help pleeease. Any recs? Thankoo! 


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