Topshop Autumn Wishlist

I've just emptied half my wardrobe in another attempt to have a more 'streamlined' life but naturally I now just want to fill it with more stuff. The Topshop 20% student discount hasn't gone unnoticed but I've been good and have just thrown all of my wants into a wishlist (tomorrow is the last day of the discount though so let us pray I have the strength to see this spending ban through.)

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I'm not usually that into florals but imagine these with really sheer black tights, black ankle boots and chunky knits (although get those from GAP because Topshop ones are a bit crap.) I don't usually buy single eyeshadows either but I've been looking for a browny/purple shade for ages and I think this would be very nice with smudgy eyeliner and lots of mascara.

I know the boots are a bit silly but they're also a bit Bowie and I like that! Luckily for my bank balance my feet have been a bit fooked since transplant (they hurt) and I can only wear flats or trainers so I won't be investing in a pair. Finally the velvet mini, which is realistically probably the only thing I'd get the most wear out of in this list but again it's a bit of a gimmicky purchase so I'll leave it this time! 

I definitely need to make the most of what I already own, my spending lately has been ridiculous. I AM NOT SPENDING ANY MORE. Famous last words...


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