A Busy Week

Hello! So last week was really busy, I think I probably shouldn't have made it quite so jam packed actually so I'm gonna be a bit more sensible and relax for a few days at least. I've been too busy to even blog and that hasn't happened for so long! But even though I've been a bit preoccupied I've been feeling a bit iffy mentally, which I'm assuming is just girly stuff because that came back this week after a year. Totally TMI for an opening paragraph of a blog post but it makes me happy because the reason they stopped was because I got so ill so it's a sign of healthiness and that's why I'm letting the world know ha. But don't worry, I do have more exciting things to tell you too.

Freddy, because he's not been on here for a little while!

On Monday I went with my little cousin to Port Lympne Animal Reserve, I actually have a whole post on that later so I won't ramble too much but I SAW A BUBBA GIRAFFE. So cute, so tall. It poured with rain but we still really enjoyed it and I'd like to go back when the weather isn't as rank.

On Tuesday night I went out for dinner (first restaurant meal post transplant!) and had Harefield on Wednesday, it was quite good because I saw the main man who I haven't seen since I was in so he was very happy to see me looking more presentable and not acting like such a nutcase. I also saw the physio who unfortunately had to put up with the brunt of my sobbing fits before so she was pleased to see me looking more normal too. Anyway the doctor crossed off some meds on my list so I now take 21 less tablets a day, which I was rather pleased about.

Thursday I did what I thought was the bloody impossible and joined a gym. Me and my friend were there for half an hour and then went to Costa, I also fell off the cross trainer but the important thing to  know is no one saw and to always remember is that God loves a trier! I actually ended up hurting myself so haven't been back since but I will try and go next week. It's not the exercising that I dislike, it's the gym itself - I'd prefer a class or just doing my own stuff at home. Then on Friday I was supposed to rest but didn't really because I ended up going down the high street - did find Pretty Honest in a charity shop for £2 though!

This weekend was really good, I had my first post transplant night out with my two best friends, in fact it was the first time we've been able to go out together this year so I was kind of buzzing! We ended up going a few different places and had so much fun, I must admit I found it difficult not drinking - I'm never usually bothered but it's because I knew I couldn't I obviously wanted to! Then on Sunday I went to see Bridget Jones' Baby finally with my cousins who I haven't seen for a couple of weeks so that was luverly. Lots of laughter this weekend!

So yes, been very busy so probably best to be more sensible this week and take things easier. I just want to take these new lungs everywhere! I hope you had a great week too.


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