Despite my best intentions the ASOS sale got me good. I ended up sending most of it back but one thing I did keep were these Kimmi Shrunken Boyfriend Jeans. I love the darker blue colour, the loose but not too baggy fit and let down hem - oh and did I mention they were just SIXTEEN POUNDS?!

asos kimmi jeans review
adidas gazelles, asos kimmi jeans review
whistles pineapple necklace, asos kimmi jeans review

asos kimmi jeans reviewJumper | Matalan (alternative here)
Necklace | Whistles 
Jeans | ASOS
Trainers | Adidas

My experience with ASOS jeans has been one of trial and error, for example the Farleigh's look awful on me but I'm a big fan of Ridley's because although the denim is thin and stretchy they're good for comfort (and pigging out) reasons. The Kimmi's are a good, thick material and while I'm not sure they're the most flattering on me it's good to get out of my skinny jean rut. I think I'm just so used to skinnies I feel like anything else looks weird! If you do want a pair for yourself I'd recommend you definitely size down. 

Today I'm back at Harefield for a check up, it's gonna be a long day but at least I can read my book. I'm bloody knackered from the zoo on Monday! I did actually manage to get a few pics, I'll probably show you them on Friday - here's a little sneak peek!


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