Chunky Monkey

This jumper is described as the ultimate chunky jumper and I must say I do agree - it's definitely chunky! I ordered it a little while back, when I was still in hospital actually, because it looked so cosy and like everyone else this dusky pink shade is my current obsession. I match my room too, how's that for next level co-ordination? ;-)

Coat | Uniqlo (alternative here)
Jumper | ASOS
Jeans | J Brand (alternative here)
Shoes | Dune (alternative here)
Bag | Mulberry

The only thing I wasn't sure of was the shape because it's boxy and quite unflattering really but it''s like a cupcake - when something is this sweet and sugary you kind of forget it's bad for you! 

Talking of chunky monkeys today I'm off to the zoo! It was on my list of things I wanted to do this year so I'm glad I'm going, I can't wait to see some animals and hopefully take some nice photos. I may do a post about it if I do! Then I'm going to do a big blog catch up because I'm so behind with comments - sowwee!


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