October Goals

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So it's been a over a year since I posted some 'goals', but it's always good to have a focus, even if they're small aims. Everyone gets excited in October because 'Woo, autumn!' but I'm even more hyped because this month I'll be three months post transplant. A milestone anyway but it also means I'm loose from the hoose! For the first three months you're advised to avoid busy places and while I'm still going to be super careful because tis' the season of colds and flu, I'm going to start going out to places like restaurants and the cinema when it's not too packed. Also, shopping. Normal things really, but they'll be exciting to me because I'll be oxygen-free so no worrying about whether the canister or concentrator is going to run out! No tubes up my nose, no wheelchair, no staring, I shall be as free as a bird. Here are some other things I'm aiming for in October:

1. Get a haircut! Because of being in hospital I think the last time it got cut was April. Just stupid I can go through a double lung transplant and I'm still scared of the hairdressers...

2. A trip to the cinema. I'm still a bit paranoid about going just yet as they're pretty germy places packed full of people but I'm thinking if I go in the day time it'll be fairly empty and I'll bring plenty of hand gel with me! There's so much I want to see, if it's still showing Bridget Jones' Baby is first on my list and I think The Girl On The Train is out too. Any recs?

3. No more shopping. Even though I just said this is the first month I'll be able to go, in fact I think this year because of being ill and being in hospital I've been in an actual physical shop maybe five times? But yeah, I've taken the 'treat yo'self' mentality a bit too far lately so time to curb it a bit.

4. Blog more! It'll be good to get more outfit posts up (even though I'll probably still stick to mirror selfies, sowee!) but I'd like to include a bit more of everything if I can and hopefully post 3-4 times a week. We'll see though, as I get a bit knackered still and just want to relax and watch The Wire. 

5. Make Halloween cakes. I'm not too fussed about Halloween but any excuse to bake and eat cakes. I'd like to get cooking a bit more in general really, I've done a little bit since I got home but there's loads more food I'd like to try and make now I have more energy.

What are your plans for October?


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