NYX CC Cream

After all the hype over social media I was really keen to try out something from NYX. Obviously the Lip Creams are super popular but the last thing I needed was another lip colour so decided to try out their CC Cream because after using the Garnier BB Cream throughout the summer I'd grown quite bored of it! 

nyx cc cream green review
nyx cc cream green review

I got it in Green because I tend to get a lot of redness around my nose and cheeks so was hoping this would neutralize things a bit under make up. However silly me didn't actually read it properly before I purchased because it actually turns to a "natural" colour once blended in. I say "natural" because what that actually means is a colour suitable only for about 90% of Caucasian people - disappointing, but often the case with BB and CC creams although I expected a little more from NYX as at first glance the colour range looked very good. This is in the shade Light/Medium and I just about got away with it in the summer when I was a bit more tanned but now it's been banished to the depths of my make up box now that I'm as pale as a ghost again. 

If the colour works for you it actually does an ok job of covering up redness and I find it does last all day. It felt incredibly light on the skin and definitely is best applied with fingers. One for more casual/good skin days! At around a tenner it doesn't break the bank but I think you can get better bang for your buck, I would rather buy a green based primer that didn't change colour.  All in all though I won't be repurchasing, but it hasn't put me off NYX - can you recommend any better products from the brand? 


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