Happy List #1

I've been feeling inspired by Katy, Jasmin and Michelle and have decided to start up a little round up of the happy moments of the week, firstly as a little Monday motivation and I also think it'll be a good way to document memories! So here are ten things that made last week so terrific. 

1. Walkies with Freddy. Thanks to my donor I get to have extra time with my pupper and make up for the past couple of years when I couldn't really take him on walkies and had to rely on other people to care for him. This week we've been going to a local park for a few hours a day, I'd not been before and it's huge! I love spending this quality time with Freddy and he's like my best bud now, he follows me everywhere! <3

2. Beautiful Autumn days. Everything is extra beautiful this time of year, I was so not a nature person before but now I love it and just want to be outside all the time! I'm almost as happy as Freddydog is when we go to the park!

3. Looking after my favourite little ladies. Baby Florrie came on Wednesday and I was also looking after my friend's little girl so we had a cute playdate! We had a little dance party and ate ice cream and I was kind of jealous I'm not two years old.

4. The gym. Yes, I know, I hardly believe me either. But I think I may be becoming addicted! I go with my friend and we go to Costa afterwards - it's all about balance, right?

5. Costa's Pigs In Blanket Panini. My main motivation for going to the gym is knowing I get to eat one of these after! Sounds wrong but it's so right. 

6. Getting half my Christmas presents sorted. I am feeling SMUG.

7. The Remembrance Day Parade. I went to watch my local one Sunday and to see the old soldiers looking so proud made me well up a little! I'm glad so many people turned out to honour the people who fought for us. 

8. Being allowed to get on public transport again. It's official, I am once again a bus wanker pahaha. Never thought I'd be happy about that but it's good to have a little more freedom as I'd not been on one or gone out alone for well over a year!

9. Dr Strange. I went to see this with my brother at the weekend and thought it was well good! I've not even seen it advertised but it was definitely one of my favourite Marvel films I've seen (although I've not seen many...) It was quite nice to spend time with my twin too because even though we live in the same house we hardly never, ever hang out. 

10. A failure of a night out. Divvy me forgot I'd just taken my immunosuppressant tablets (the ones that are supposed to prevent my body rejecting my new lungs) and I had a sip of Sex On The Beach. So obviously I had a reaction and my skin went all blotchy and we had to go home. Don't think it was anything to do with the vodka though, defo the orange juice ;-) however all was not lost because we just got a kebab instead!

I hope last week was fab for you too! I'd love to know your highlights. 


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