November Goals

Looking back on my October Goals I managed to tick a swish 4 out of 5 off my list which isn't bad going friends. I did get my hair done, I went to see Bridget Jones' Baby, I blogged more and I made cakes for Halloween (even though I ate the sweets I was supposed to put on them so they ended up being plain, but no less tasty, fairy cakes.) The only one I failed on was 'no more shopping' but let's be honest, who here is really surprised?

So following on from last month's success here are my November Goals:

1. Keep on reading. I've gotten back into reading in a big way so I want to read a few more books this month. I have loads of books from the charity shop to get through!

2. Make something. I'm not sure what yet but it'll probably be some kind of felted thing! For me crafting is like the ultimate way to relax plus I'd like to learn something new.

3. Practice my theory test. I want to start learning to drive again and I'm thinking of doing one of those intense courses because I feel so impatient to get out on the road haha. But first things first, theory.

4. Shop less. Yes I said this last month and totally ignored it but I've had fun and now it's time to save. Until Black Friday anyway - I'll be waiting.

5. Catch up with my bloglovin' list. I was a little busy in October getting used to my new found freedom but it does mean I had less time for blog reading and commenting so I'd like to have a catch up with everyone and see what they've been up to!

What are your November Goals? 


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