The Happy List #2

Hey! How was your weekend? To be a typical Brit I shall insert a standard moan about the weather here. Just an excuse for all the hot chocolate though right? I'm not really a fan, but I did still go to Costa for the cup cos I sad.

costa snowman cup
Too cute! 

1. Blog birthday! Friday was my blog's birthday, I've now been writing this for five years which is maybe the longest I've ever stuck at anything. I have to admit that I'm not as enthusiastic about it all as I once was, I'm wondering if I've finally lost the bug for it. I feel like there's not as much interaction these days which is why I loved blogging in the first place. But to celebrate five years I have a little giveaway at the end of this post so keep reading!

2. Walkies with Freddy. This was in last week's list too but I just wanted an excuse to share this photo because it's so bloody cute! It was before we found a pack of bichons which was all fun and games til one of them pissed on Freddy's head. I was horrified but he didn't seem to mind, the perv.

Before the 'incident'

3. Nando's. I went twice last week and regret nothing, even though I'm a weakling and get the plain chicken.

4. Shopping with Sophie. I had a cute little shopping/lunch date with Sophie on Wednesday, we hadn't seen each other for over a year so a catch up was well overdue! I had such a lovely time, if you're wondering whether Sophie is as sweet IRL as she is online she 100% is. What a babe!

5. Cute dinner date. I also met my cousin for dinner on Wednesday, I think the only time over the past year that we've hung out just the two of us was when I was in hospital so it was really nice to actually do something fun!

marks and spencer pink lingerie set
Pretty in pink

6. Pretty new things for me. Yet again I have spent too much this week but I had to get new underwear seeing as I can finally wear proper bras again for the first time since transplant. My scar goes across like under my boobs (if I had any, I feel like they've just drawn a line where they're supposed to be 😂) so it was too uncomfortable to wear them before but now I can naturally I want them all. These were 20% off at M&S, it's the last day today actually so I might get myself something from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's range because it's all beautiful!

7. A mini night out. On Thursday I went out with my mate for dinner and drinks, but I've discovered that vodka is still not my friend (it was a vodka and coke so I can't blame the orange juice this time 😉) I took it well before my meds so why I reacted again I do not know! Such a shame haha.

new look choker
Feeling like Jon freakin' Snow.

8. My first Lush bath bomb. I know, I know - where have I been? It was a gift from my friends back in April but I only just used it. I don't know what it was but it was so worth the hype, it had some kind of oil in it and I felt like Cleopatra after haha. Me and Sophie actually popped into Lush the other day, it was my first and last visit because am I FOOK going back there. Are the staff on crack or what haha they're insane! Like please don't touch me 😒

9. Chocolate Orange Digestives. Quite possibly my favourite biscuit (and I lurrrrve biscuits.) Buy them cos they good!

10. A new phone case. The guys at Case Company kindly sent me a very pretty new case for my iPhone, I'm not normally a floral person but loved the colours in this. It's nice and sturdy which is perfect for me because I'm a clumsy eejit who drops their phone approximately 153434x a day. If you'd like the chance to win a case of your own for your phone, laptop or iPad head on over to my instagram now! You have until 27/11/16 (that's this Sunday!) to enter. Good luck!

case company world iphone case

So that's that for this week, wasn't a bad one at all lads. As always, let me know your highlights! Here's to another good 'un this week and let's hope I spend less money (not likely, but let's hope.)


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