The Happy List #3

Hey! Hands up who is now gonna be poor til February 2018 thanks to Black Friday? Whhhy did they make the deals last so long? And why did I fall for them? Why have I zero willpower? I do love what I got though, I'll be showing you shortly (here's some of it in yesterday's post) but today here is my Happy List.

1. Breakfast at Bill's. Never been before, now I understand the hype and need to go back ASAP. I had the scrambled eggs and bacon.

2. Black Friday. That shopaholic life tho 😧 I bought a lot but my mum and stepdad booked a cruise which is way more extravagant, no?

3. Something pretty. Don't know who I'm trying to impress but thought these were TOO pretty.

4. The Revenant being on TV. I've been waiting for this. Saw it in the cinema and loved it but watching in the comfort on your own home with distractions like fluffy puppies and the fridge makes the whole ordeal a bit more doable. When Harry Met Sally was also on and even though I've seen it a hundred times I always have to watch it.

5. Seeing my fave two Dreamgirls. Had a last minute, impromptu reunion with my two best friends on Saturday, we barely get to meet up all three of us so it was super lovely! We ate too much, laughed a lot and gossiped at boys stupidity - it was fun!

6. Woodkid. I've been listening to The Golden Age a lot this week, I'd forgotten how exquisite that album is.

7. Baby Florrie. I looked after her with my mama on Wednesday, we went out for cakes and made a house for her teddies in a giant cardboard box.

8. Fluffy Freddy. He went to the groomers on Thursday and now he looks absolutely delightful. He's a git though because I took him to TWO parks on Saturday morning when all I wanted to do was stay in bed and he repaid me by pulling me down on the ground in front of everyone and their dogs.

9. The Affair. Seriously one of the best things on TV, I love how flawed all the characters are. And I know he's an asshole but I'm #Team Noah.

10. New contact lenses. Well overdue, finally one is no longer blind (well I am, but you know what I mean.)

How was your week? Was it fabulous? Tell me all, I wanna know!


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