The Leather Look Jeans

I got these coated jeans in New Look and then a few days later they were 25% off - whatever it's FINE, no biggie. Always happens to me though! However despite the fact they're no longer going to fit me by Christmas (tis the season of eating after all) for now I love wearing them on days I can squeeze my butt into them because they give that leather look without the sweatniness. Gross, but it's what always puts me off getting the real deal. 

camel coat, blue shirt, oh my clumsy heart gold circle necklace
topshop blue shirt, leather look jeans new look, adidas stan smith navy and white

topshop blue shirt, leather look jeans new look, adidas stan smith navy and white, marks and spencer camel coat, kate spade sally bag
Coat | Marks & Spencer (alternative here)
Shirt | Topshop (alternative here)
Jeans | New Look
Shoes | Adidas
Necklace | Oh My Clumsy Heart
Bag | Kate Spade (alternative here)

Actually I take it back about never getting good deals because I found the blue version of my favourite shirt in the sale for half price, yaaaaasssss. Dreams do come true. I love blue and camel so this is an outfit I've been wearing fairly often even though the jeans are a workout and a half to get on - but hey, at least it keeps me fitting in them ;-)

Today I think I'm going to the opticians, wish me luck in trying not to laugh when they get all up in my grill. I'm hoping today will be a more productive day as the weekend was mainly spent listening to The Strokes eating junk food. I did go and see The Girl On The Train though, I don't get the people who thought it was boring because I thought it was very good (although the book was better.) My mum said she thought Emily Blunt's English accent was crap pahaha! Have you seen it?

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