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I think I'm one of the few who can truly say they'll be a new person come 2017 ;-) Not only have new lungs given me a literal lease of life and a new way of feeling, I have a new way of thinking too. We're told every day to 'live in the moment' etc and having an illness like CF has meant I've always preferred to take each day as it comes. I made plans but rarely saw them through because I'd get ill and have to cancel. Kept trying though, cos God loves a trier ;-) but now for the first time bad health isn't likely to put a stop to things so I'm looking forward to putting some dates in the diary!

At the same time I'm more aware than ever how quickly it can all end, you could say almost dying can give you a new perspective on things! At the time it wasn't actual death that frightened me because Valar Morghulis, innit? I was more worried thinking about the things I hadn't done or seen or been, that's what scared me the most - it's like that famous quote, 'everybody dies but not everybody lives.' I'm in such a rare and privileged position to have this second shot at life so I want to make the most of every moment! It wasn't a guarantee but while I had end stage CF there was always that glimmer of hope of transplant but now this is it - there is no 'back up plan' if you will, no more last resorts as transplant isn't a cure. I don't know how long I'll get with these new lungs, no one can know so in a way you're a bit of ticking time bomb. A frightening thought but a fear that I think can be turned into something positive. It scares me into experiencing new things, meeting new people and not letting silly thoughts hold me back. Feel the fear and face it anyway and all that! That may be my 2017 motto ;-)

There'll be heartbreak, anger and disappointment because that's just life, but on the whole I think I have a bloody good deal and that life will be very good indeed. I've never felt so happy, confident and excited, I feel like it's how things were always supposed to be and I'll forever be grateful to my donor for allowing me to experience life like this.

anthropologie aries notebook
Not bad buzzwords for 2017!

Saying all that, there's still a big list of stuff I'd like to do! It doesn't matter if I don't tick them all off, it'd just be nice to have some sort of action plan.


* Learn to drive. Been a resolution for far too long and now I have no excuse!

* Relaunch Frojo Designs. I loved running my little Etsy shop so I'd really love to set it up again! It was so much fun.

* Do a course of some kind. Where I got ill I feel like I'm a few years behind everyone else sometimes, especially career wise so I think I gotta sort of give myself a boost somehow!

* Carry on blogging. This is the longest I've ever committed to anything haha so I'd like to carry on writing this little blog of mine, even if it is just for fun. Keeps me occupied anyway!


*Be tidier. I know, I know - almost impossible! But I've got to stop being so messy. 

* Be better at keeping in touch with people. I am bloody useless at this, always think I gotta text so and so and before I know it a year has passed!

* Speak up. I used to be terrible and would barely speak to anyone and even now I often drift off into my own little world, even if I'm with company. I've gotten way better but can still completely put a wall up when I meet people. I'll never be the loudest person in the room and that's ok but a lot of people mistake me being a bit of an introvert for rudeness or snobbiness which is the last impression I want to give off! I'll write more in depth about this topic another time but for now I just need to try and not be as quiet.

* Remember that no one is perfect. I think, no I know I can be a bit harsh in cutting people out. I'll be completely trusting until someone pisses me off and then that's it, I'm done. Maybe I have too high expectations of people, I dunno. Not everyone deserves a second or even third chance but I do need to be a little more forgiving sometimes.


* Organise a blogger meet up. Been saying this for ages but it'd be cool to sort out drinks and dinner or something with a bunch of bloggers, just for fun! Let me know if you think it'd be a good idea :-)

* Get my ears pierced. I think I just want the lobes done again but we shall see!

* Organise a girl's trip. We're thinking Brighton seeing as I can't travel abroad yet! We've been talking about it for ages so it's time to actually sort it.

*Meet an alpaca! I say they're my favourite animal and I still ain't met one. Might not even like them in real life.

*Climb Muckish. It's in Donegal, Ireland where my grandparents live and I feel like nearly everyone has climbed it but me! Time to conquer haha.

There's soooo much more I could add but seeing as this is a monster post already I'll leave it there!

We might not stick to our resolutions but it's a positive thing to start the year with good intentions ;-) I shall take this opportunity to wish you a very happy new year and also a friendly reminder that Tom Hardy will be on CBeebies tonight reading Bedtime Stories (you're welcome!) What are your goals for 2017?


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