Blogmas #1 - The Beginnning!

Hello! So just a quickie post today to say I'll be doing Blogmas, if I blog it then I can't go back on my word...that's the plan anyway. Things won't be festive themed but I miss daily blogging so will give it a go, I miss the way I used to blog anyway when this thing was more like my daily journal full of crap pahaha it was a good way to do 'mindfulness' though I thought. Plus since I was too ill to really enjoy last Christmas like I usually do I thought I'd record it all down as it's going to be an extra special one this year with my new lungs! It won't be very professional but when am I ever? It's more for my own amusement but I hope ya like anyhow!

I almost wept with joy. 

Yesterday I went to see Allied, it was basically Mr And Mrs Smith set in the 1940's but still good and Marion Cotillard's outfits were banging. I also went to Bella Italia for the first time and it ain't bad at all there, the only thing I didn't like was the fact I didn't know what dessert to have because I'm a pig and wanted them all.

👀 Yup, that is a thirteen year old Minnie Mouse fleece from Disneyland.

Today I went to the dentist and all is good so I celebrated by drinking two bottles of Coke which I don't think you're supposed to do but I'll worry about that at my next appointment. Then I got my new glasses which I think are a bit too big for my face and did a little Christmas shopping and maaaaybe a little bit of me shopping too. Christmas is so expensive man.

So that's it for Day One! Will try and stick with this but you know how I am with these things.


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