Blogmas #13 | Personal Style

I've seen a few posts recently about personal style and it got me thinking about my own. There's no doubt my taste has changed since blogging (praise the Lord!) but there are definitely a few things that have stayed consistent and that I'll probably love forever.

* Tiny gold hoops and navy jumpers

* Winged eyeliner

* Cute and quirky tees (go to Etsy for the best ones, I also like Topshop and Double Trouble)

* Smart, mannish coats and trainers

* Leather anything

* Pale dusky pink

* Red lips and grey jumpers

* Messy, fringey hair

* Berry lips with grey eyes

* Pale blue shirts with denim

Luckily, or maybe not so - it depends who you ask, me or my bank account - these things are everywhere right now so I'm feeling spoilt for choice! But I'll be loving these things long after they're no longer 'trendy'.

What would make it onto your personal style list?


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